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I need a mortgage in Mississauga!

Let 's find out just how easy it can be to arrange a mortgage that fits all your needs at the best rate and terms available. The best part is you can arrange your mortgage through a major Canadian bank or other financial institution by phone without having to leave the comfort of your home. Why don't we start at Common Questions where we can answer some of the most common concerns.

Know someone who needs a mortgage? Send us an e-mail with their phone number and address and once we close their mortgage we'll send you a cheque for $100. Oh, and don't forget to give us your name, number and address too so we'll know where to send the money.


At Home Mortgage Consultants we feel that the application process should be simple. Every borrower's needs are different and a personal touch is what makes the approval of your mortgage come together. Once you complete the application one of our experienced consultants will call you to discuss your requirements in detail and forward your application to the most appropriate lender for the best rate and terms available.

A mortgage approval for a pre-determined amount and interest rate arranged prior to the borrower's purchasing a property. A pre-approval will determine the borrower's purchasing power and hold the interest rate for up to 120 days.