About Us

Home Mortgage Consultants was formed in May 1994 as a simple alternative for borrowers to arrange a mortgage with a seasoned professional doing all the work for them. No more having to hope you are getting the best rate and terms or the proper mortgage type for your requirements. We do it all. We find you the best rate, the best terms and the best mortgage for you.

Ken Adams, President and owner of Home Mortgage Consultants has spent close to 30 years honing his skills through a background of mortgage lending, real estate sales, property appraisal and mortgage brokering. How many people do you know that can offer such experience for your one special need?

Home Mortgage Consultants employs experienced agents throughout Southern Ontario for your mortgage needs. Contact us now at 905-891-5930, 800-215-3219 or email or apply online and find out how easy arranging your mortgage with us can be.